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Do you even need to travel?

Our experienced medical professionals put your healing needs first. We assess whether you really need to travel for medical purposes. If all other options are exhausted then we try and find out whether you really need any particular surgery or treatment. It is a fun process and happens really fast. 


You can choose from our panel of Hospitals or you can let us choose it for you depending upon your requirements. We are emapnelled with the best hospitals. Accredited hospitals consist of JCI and NABH. We help you find the right match 

Wellness centres

Looking for detoxification, weight loss, yoga or a simple meditation retreat. Choose from over 50 retreats across India, Thailand and Malaysia. Our Simba (Lion in Swahili, or our co-ordinatorss) will take care of all your needs.  


Max Hospitals


About Max

  • Max Healthcare commenced its operations in 2001
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital in Patparganj was established in 2005.
  • Hospital provides centers of excellence in Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, ENT, Dental Care, Cancer Care, Neurosciences, Cardiac Surgery, Orthopedics and many more.
  • Specialty clinics are the Pacemaker Clinic, Pain Clinic, Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Clinic, Diabesity Clinic and Headache Clinic
  • Pain Clinic provides services which include Peripheral Intervention, Epidural, Discography, Spinal Root Block, Joint Injection, Superficial Nerve Intervention, Deep Nerve Intervention, Trigeminal Blocks, Radiofrequency Rhizolysis, Labor Analgesia

Apollo Hospitals


About Apollo Hospitals 

  • Apollo Group offers 10,000 beds across 64 hospitals, more than 2,200 pharmacies, over 100 primary care & diagnostic clinics and 115 telemedicine units across 9 countries.
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has 52 specialties under one roof.
  • Major specialities of the hospital include Anaesthesia, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Cancer, Paediatrics, Critical Care, Emergency Care, Fetal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Interventional Radiology, IVF, Liver and Kidney Transplant, Nuclear Medicine, Nephrology, Neurosciences, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Otolaryngology (ENT), Paediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Respiratory & Sleep Medicine, Rheumatology, Spine Surgery, Urology and Andrology and Vascular and Endovascular Surgery.

Medanta Hospital

About Medanta Hospital

  • Medanta Hospital was founded in 2009 by the renowned Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. NareshTrehan
  • The hospital is both NABH and NABL accredited.
  • Centers of excellence include the Heart Institute, Institute of Neurosciences, Bone & Joint Institute, Kidney & Urology Institute, Cancer Institute and Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology.
  • It is the first hospital in the country that offers Robotic Surgeries in Cardiology, Urology and Gynaecology.

Fortis Hospitals


About Fortis Hospitals

  • Largest private cardiac hospital in Asia Pacific region, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute was established in 1988 and is JCI accredited.
  • It is one of the best hospitals for Cardiac care for adults and children that had celebrated 25 years of Cardiac excellence in 2013.
  • Winner of the 'Best Institution Award' by Delhi Medical Association(2013), 'Best Heart Care Centre in North India' at theGlobal Healthcare Excellence Awards 2013 and 'Best Single Specialty Hospital – Cardiology' at India Healthcare Awards 2012.

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Price List

*Donor relations in Kidney and liver are mandatory by law in india

Wellness and Longevity



It is like going to the gym, everyone knows its got benefits but nobody knows how to go about doing it. As a special initiative 

Lion Health has introduced the power of meditation as the tonic to psychological health. Are you usually stressed? Get angry real fast. There are numerous research papers published on this topic with proven benefits. Lion Health will consolidate all the resources in the world and brings you its initiative of using CBT (Cognitive based therapy) from our range of experts and introduce you to the art of meditation. 



The whole purpose of life is not only to lengthen our life span but also it's quality. This is Lion Health's effort to lengthen one's life by proactive caring through a series of simple steps towards a great life. We also compile data from various trusted sources around the world to give simple real life actionable formulas to live a happier healthy life. Proactive health for the individual. 

Stress release


What exactly is stress. If you observe it closely. It is your mind and body physically clenching itself to solve something which 

requires a cool mind. How bad can it be? Well even if it is really really bad, lets try and get a good perspective. Let us try a few things first. Meditation and self therapy. Still not working out. Let us help you with our team of behavioral and cognitive experts. 

Functional Medicine


We believe the mind is at one with the body. Taking care of the mind takes care of the body and vice versa. Hence 

we are focussed on bringing overall wellness to our clients to proactively pruning the mind and body against illness.

Proactive Wellness


Wellness is an art of taking care of one's health proactively. Why go for reactive health procedures and hospitalization when you can prevent it. Wellness is happiness designed

by various approaches and is an organic cleansing of mind body and soul.  Lion Health brings you the best of wellness centers in Asia. Wellness comes in eight dimensions. Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social, Occupational, Spirtual, Environmental and intellectual awareness.