It is now well established that there is no cure or definitive cure in sight for the short to mid term for the virus and several other virus which will come up in future and the biggest hit is yet to come and that will be much worse than Corona and that is 5G , when this is started we will see millions of people affected and their health affected very adversely. There is now ample evidence that new Virus strains, new toxins, New EMF radiations will continue to attack our immune systems and ultimately when our immune system cannot wage the battle any more- it gives in, and our body breaks down.

While for people who are already suffering from some debilitating disease it becomes harder to fight this onslaught as their immune systems are already compromised, but for many of us it is still in our hands to wake up and realize that building our own defense systems and raising the bar of our immune system is the only answer to providing us protection against all these new unknown unheard of an army of toxins and bacteria and viruses that are gunning for our immunity.

We need to build it with the following elements :

  • Skin immunity to protect your face and skin from the attacks of toxic waste and pollution and the junk we eat
  • Gut Immunity to rebuild the micro flora
  • Cleansing and detoxifying BPA and heavy metals
  • Identifying how to measure toxicity levels
  • Various methods in Acupuncture to build immunity through balancing the Chi Energy
  • Methods prescribed in Homeopathy to build immunity
  • Government recommendations for building immunity
  • Nutritional recommendations to build immune systems
  • IVs for Immunity
  • Yoga and Pranayama for immune system building
  • Meditation practices specifically required for building immunity
  • Music and binaural Beats for Immune building
  • Physical Exercise required to build Cardiac Immune System
  • Steps to be taken to build specific Immunity for diabetic Patients
  • Nutritional Supplements required to build immunity
  • Floatation therapy, Light therapy and Energy balancing meditations

We are building the world’s biggest immunity program:

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    Coronavirus disease COVID-19 Alert


    7 Billion people 1 virus

    Introduction to the

    Positive side of Covid-19

    The positive side of Covid-19

    While the world is cringing with the thought of the virus, let us look at some of the positive effects of the virus

    • The world has started to look at other developing economies for manufacturing outsourcing like India, Vietnam, Myanmar and The Philippines.
    • Some of the Satellite images from NASA, and ESA has shown that air pollution has considerably declined due to the shutting of industries in many parts of China and Europe.
    • Domestic energy usage is on the rise resulting in fall of commercial use thus resulting in reducing emissions.
    • The carbon footprint that the world was leaving has considerably been reduced.
    • Levels of PM2 in a lot of highly populated countries has dropped more than 46%.
    • Because most people are working at home, they are using less plastic, are travelling less, printing less, and shopping less.
    • A lot of people are reflecting on what they own are what that means to them. They are realizing that the most important items they want are the ones they already own.
    • Accidents have reduced due to people staying indoors.
    • Know more about how to boost your immunity

    Discover More


    People who have recovered from this virus

    Things You Should Do

    • Study a new course; learn a new language, instrument.
    • Partner with us to distribute essential supplies. Just leave us a text.
    • Display products using virtual reality.
    • Be a volunteer to assist in Mental health boosting conversations for the not so lucky
    • Completely avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with any person which in itself is a big contribution.
    • Learn a few mental models.
    • Replace social distancing with physical distancing. Remain socially active online.
    • Build up your immunity.

    Things You Shouldn't Do

    • Venture out
    • Touch your face
    • Eat without washing your hands
    • Cough, burp without covering your face
    • Eat outside food
    • Argue with your spouse

    Stay Safe and write to us to know more about how to build up immunity. Clomid kopen online Comprar Kamagra online