Viral Transport Media


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Purpose: To collect and transport samples for COVID-19 testing
Type of specimen collection: Upper respiratory specimens
Sterile and ready to use: Yes
Kit Contents
: 1 Tube of Viral Transport Media with 1 Swab
Type of Swab
: Nasopharyngeal swab
Quantity of medium in the tube: 
3 milliliter
Medium contains: Protective protein and antibiotic to control microbial and fungal contamination and buffers to control the pH, Cryoprotectant to help preserving the virus for long term frozen storage, Phenol red pH indicator in the medium to ensure medium integrity at the time of specimen collection
Features of medium: Allows long survival of the present virus and offers maximum recovery,

Method of sterilization for media: 0.22 micron filtered sterilized
pH value of medium: 7.3 ± 0.3
Material of swab: Synthetic fiber swabs with plastic shafts
Type of packing for medium
: Filled in polypropylene tubes
Packing: Each tube with swab(s) packed in a duplex box
Storage temperature for the kit: 
2-30 degree Celsius


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